Collaborative Group Formation

Collaborative work

Collaborative work is a key issue in learning, in every learning stage. Unfortunatelly, it dose not exist a defined methodology for groups formation, resulting in important performance differences among these groups; some of them can accomplish the learning objetives and some of them are far from the the minimum success criteria.

The problem arises when there is not an identifiable leader, or there are non-compatible personalities. Due to the lack of diversity, some learning goals cannot be satisfied.

Research Group: Pedro Salcedo Lagos - Ricardo Contreras Arriagada - Ma. Angélica Pinninghoff Junemann - Miguel Ramirez


For solving the mentioned problem, we introduce a Web-based application, that allows to group formation in a class, by using Genetic Algorithms, an Artificial Intelligence based technique, that deals with combinatorial problems giving acceptable results in reduced processing time.

The first step is to retrieve students information through the application of a set of four tests. The test to be applied are: Multiple Inteligence Test, Learning Style Tests, Leadership Tests and Assertiveness Tests.

Based on tests results, groups are formed having in mind two key issues: first, a particular class is divided into groups that are similar (some characteristics are present in every group); and second, inside a group, the members are as different as possible. This features emphasize the learning capabilities of students

Detailed information about tests is available (see User Manual ).