Collaborative Group Formation

User Manual

For using this system, it is necessary to proceed as follows:

  1. Download the set of tests
  2. Apply tests
  3. After downloading tests, it is necessary to apply the survey to every students in the class

  4. Input tests results
  5. Download the following Excel template and fill the template according to the following notation:

    Notation Intelligence Type
    5Musical-rhythmic & harmonic
    Notation Learning Style

    Notation Leadership Style
    3Laissez Faire
    Notation Assertiveness Categoría
    161 a 90Definitivamente asertivo
    231 a 60Muy asertivo
    316 a 30Asertivo
    4-15 a 15Asertividad confrontativa
    5-16 a -30Inasertivo
    6-31 a -60Muy inasertivo
    7-61 a -90Definitivamente inasertivo

    The following image shows an example of template (in Spanish)

  6. Acces Conformation Section
  7. Select the ítem Formation on top of page

  8. Selection of corresponding Excel file
  9. Select the corresponding Excel file, containing list of students and results of tests.

    For custom Excel templates you must take into consideration the following.

    First, the number of rows containing tests results should be equal to L x i, where L is the size of the group and i is an integer.

    Second, in case the number of students is less that L x i, the last rows should be filled with value zero for all tests.

    Also, the ID field should not to be filled for these rows.

  10. Select size of the class
    • Small class: A class containing 20 or less students

    • Medum class: A class containing between 21 and 32 students

    • Big class: A class having more that 32 students

  11. Select máximum number of students in a group
  12. Write the máximum number of students in a group. It is posible to have different group sizes if there is not an exact quotient between number of students in a class and máximum number of students in a group.

  13. Press SEND
  14. Results
  15. Groups distribution is shown as in the following image